Why and How I Travel Light: what I’m taking for 2 weeks away

Aside from moving across the world, I only ever take carry on luggage when I travel. This is for two reasons, firstly, I really don’t need a lot of stuff and it makes travel so much easier when I take less, and secondly it saves money and the environment to have a lighter load on the flight. Of course it also means less time waiting at the airport, no risk of the airline losing your luggage, and faster unpacking and re-packing during your trip.

It’s taken me years to get this minimalist packing down-pat (and I’m always aiming for less), so if you also struggle with packing light for travel then I hope this post is helpful!


Travel Bags

Normally I take a small wheely suitcase but as this trip will involve lots of hoping on and off boats I’ve taken a backpack, as well as a small shoulder bag for valuables and day-to-day use. I’ve also packed two small fold-up bags for any food shopping or other needs, one is currently used for my runners.



Clothes (all second-hand)

2 x dresses & 1 x skirt: light, non-crease and comfortable, they’re easy to hand-wash, quick drying and the dresses have a high neck to protect against sun

1 x singlet and 1 x shirt: to wear with both the skirt and shorts, the shirt is 100% cotton and will help protect me from the Mediterranean sun (despite being Australian I burn easily!)

1 x running shorts, 1 x running top, running shoes, arm band and 1 x socks: running and walking are vital to my holiday happiness 🙂

2 x bathers, 2 x underwear, 1 x bra, 1 x sports bra: I do hand washing when I travel so this is more than enough for a few weeks

1 x hat: I never travel without one!

1 x pair of sandles: these are comfortable enough to do a lot of walking in and the tan colour goes with most of my clothes

3 x glasses: this seems a bit excessive but one pair of sunnies is prescription the other is for when I wear contact lenses (swimming days) and the third are regular glasses for getting around the airport etc.


My next post will describe my predominantly zero waste toiletries in the red bag.

1 x quick dry towel: I bought this from Kathmandu a few years ago and it’s amazingly compact and fast drying

Eye mask, ear plugs and headphones for the plane.


While I often take my laptop when combining work and holiday trips, this time it’s staying at home and I’m looking forward to being present and spending quality time with my mum as we travel.

2 x Cameras, 1 x charger + adapter:  I love capturing travel moments so this is a must for me. I’m taking my Sony and an old Panasonic waterproof camera.

Phone & charger: I’ve downloaded offline maps for all the areas we’ll be visiting as I’m not sure how much roaming charges will be in Italy. To do this for your trip open Google Maps and follow the screen shots below:


I love to read and travelling provides the perfect opportunity, when lazying by the beach or whilst on the plane/airport/bus. Ideally I like to read a book about the place I’m visiting, so for this trip I packed the A literary guide to Sicily and a light weight Ian McEwan book.

I also like to have a small notebook for jotting down ideas/memories/drawings. And a pen.

Zero Waste kit

I’m taking my reusable plastic drink bottle, a metal straw, some light weight wooden utensils and a beeswax wrap in a fold up produce bag for food and drink on the go.

I hope this post inspires you to travel with less 🙂