Travel Budget: Lithuania

For each country I visit over the next few months I’ll be writing a budget post detailing where I spent my money and how much my daily spend was. I hope these posts will give an indication on how much to save and budget for travel to these countries.


City: Vilnius

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Euro

Daily Spend: 40€



Cost Breakdown

Accommodation: 4 nights = 40€

  • 10€ per night for a 6 bed dorm room at Downtown Forest Hostel

Transport: 4 days = 16€ 

  • Uber to and from the airport: 7€ + 5€
  • Walking around the city
  • Bus to and from Trakai: 4€

Food: 4 days = 80€

  • Breakfast: hearty slice of quiche for as little as 2€
  • Lunch: 5-10€ for a filling lunch at a local eatery
  • Dinner: 10-15€ for 2 courses at a touristy place
  • Snacks: 1-2€

Drink: 4 days = 15€

  • Coffee- free at hostel. 2-3€ elsewhere for proper barista coffee. Not much extra for Irish coffee!
  • Wine around 4€ a glass
  • Spirits- around 4€
  • Cocktails- 5€ at the hostel, 8-10€ at the fanciest hotel
  • Water- 2€

Activities:  6€

  • 2€ to go inside the University library
  • 4€ to go up the Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower


Total spent: 157€ / 4 nights = 40€ per day



Author: Emma

I'm an Aussie who loves exploring my new homeland of Finland in my day to day life and traveling around Europe in my free time. I'm particularly passionate about solo and eco-friendly travel.

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