Travel Budgeting: Budapest

Budapest has became a crazily popular tourist destination in recent years due to the beauty, culture, nightlife and affordability for western tourists. Below is a breakdown of what I spent during 6 days in Hungary’s capital.



City: Budapest

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Hungarian Forint (HUF): 1€ = 300 HUF

Daily Spend: 40€



Cost Breakdown

Accommodation: 6 nights = 70€

  • Around 12€ per night for a 6 bed dorm room at Flow Hostel (10€ weeknights, 15€ weekends)


Transport: 6 days = 4€ 

  • Bus + metro from the airport: theoretically 2€ each direction, I got fined 25€ for having the wrong ticket. The best way to get from the Airport to the center is on bus 100E, this is slightly more expensive than other buses but worth it- still less than 2€ and it’s direct to the city. Locals have told me the transport system can be a bit of a tourist trap, so make sure you have the right tickets.
  • I walked around the city. Otherwise a 24hr transport ticket is around 5€


Food: 6 days = 102€  / 17€  per day

  • Breakfast: 5€ coffee and quiche or eggs at a local cafe like Fekete
  • Lunch: 5€ for a filling lunch at a local eatery
  • Dinner: 5-10€. A huge meat dish at The Central Market Hall or one of the nearby outdoor markets will set you back around 10€, while a range of dishes at Street Food Karavan Budapest is closer to 5€


Drink: 6 days = 42€  / 7€ per day

  • At local places beer is as cheap as 2€ a pint and cocktails can also be the same price
  • At more touristy places a pint is 3-4€ and cocktails are 5-6€


Activities:  22€

  • 3€ to go up to the 4th floor of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library
  • 3€ to go up St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • 16€ to spend the day at Rudas Baths during the week- traditional Turkish baths, Sauna World, Swimming Pool, Rooftop Jacuzzi- so worth it!


Total spent: 240€ / 6 nights = 40€ per day



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