Travel Budget: Montenegro

Montenegro is incredibly beautiful- from the mountainous national parks, to the rocky coast and historic old towns, there is no shortage of variety of sights to see and activities to enjoy. The country is also a much cheaper and less touristy option than neighbouring Croatia.

Here is a breakdown of what I spent during two weeks in Montenegro.

Towns: Podgorica,  Mojkovac, Tara, Bar, Ulcinj, Budva, Kotor Bay

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Euro

Duration: 16 nights

Season: End of Summer (August & September)

Total Spend: 720€

Daily Spend: 45€

Biogradska Gora-6



 167€ for 16 nights


  • 8 nights in a shared hostel dorm, averaging 10€ per night
  • 5 nights camping at 5€ per night
  • 4 nights in an AirBnB at 30€ per night split by two



160€ for 16 days

Biogradska Gora-40

  • Short or shared taxi trips averaging 4€ a ride
  • Local buses, averaging 3€ a trip
  • Car hire for five days 200€ split by two (quite a high rate due to lack of credit card incurring high insurance fee)

Food & Drink:

240€ for 16 days

Sunset Dinner.jpg
Sunset seafood dinner

I spent 145€ eating out, 65€ on groceries and 30€ on alcohol.

While local ‘fast food’ can be a cheap option, it’s not very healthy and you’ll likely tire of if after a week or so. Fresh vegetables and supermarket food is relatively cheap, so if you have access to a kitchen and are looking to save money (whilst maintaining a balanced diet) this is probably the best option.

A traditional fast food staple is burek- a huge fried pastry stuffed with meat, cheese or spinach. This is often served with yogurt and the local way is to have a mouthful of burek then a sip of yogurt and mix the flavours in your mouth.

By the coast seafood is fresh and delicious and relatively cheap compared to elsewhere in Europe- around 12€ for dinner at a good value touristic place.

  • Breakfast: burek at local places should cost less than 1€. Coffee is around 1-2€
  • Lunch: a salad roll or another pastry and a drink will set you back less than 5€
  • Dinner: you can find some great local restaurants away from the tourist areas serving local dises for under 10€ with wine. My favourite was a whole fish served with local vegetables.
  • Drinks: less that 2€ to buy a large can of beer from the supermarket ,about double for a bottle of wine. 4-5€ for beer or wine in a restaurant. Cocktails are around 5-10€.


153€ for 16 days

Rafting Above
The view from Tara Bridge
Rafting Tara Canyon
  • Cetinj National Park Entrance and St. Paul’s Mausoleum: 2€ + 5€
  • Biogradska Gora National Park Entrance: 2€
  • White Water Rafting down Tara Canyon: 110€
  • Zip Line over Tara Canyon: 20€
  • Entrance to Bar Old Town: 2€
  • Boat trip in Ulcinj through Pirate Hostel: 12€

Total spent:    720€ / 16 nights = 45€ per day

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