Travel Budget: Cornwall

I absolutely loved my trip to Cornwall and can’t wait to go back and spend more time along England’s stunning southwest coast. The thing that surprised me most about the trip was just how beautiful beaches (especially Porthcurno) actually were. I can’t recommend this place of the world highly enough!

If you are planning a trip, here’s a guide on what I spent on a fairly tight budget and what you can can expect to pay for a similar standard. I visited in June, so prices may be slightly higher later in summer and cheaper at other times of the year.




City: Penzance, Cornwall England

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Pound (£)

Duration: 5 nights

Season: Summer (June)

Total Spend: 178£ (320 AUD, 198 EUR)

Daily Spend: 36£ (65 AUD, 40 EUR)



Cost Breakdown

Accommodation: 5 nights for 69£


5 nights: 3 at a hostel, 2 on a bus (included in transport costs below)

  • To save money and (mostly) time I opted to take the night bus to and from London to Penzance. I’ve included the cost of this under transport below. I loved that this gave me an extra two full days to explore Cornwall at no extra cost.
  • EasyPZ Backpackers in Penzance was one of the best hostels I ever stayed at. The staff were amazing, the atmosphere friendly and relaxed and the facilities everything you’d ever want from a beachside stay. It was walking distance from the train/bus station and I had a view of St. Michael’s Mount from my dorm window. The hostel staff were also fantastic when it came to arriving early in the morning and leaving late in evening- I could leave my bags, shower in the downstairs bathroom and fill my water bottle from the kitchen.

Transport: 5 days = 43£


  • The train from London to Penzance can be quite expensive (for my dates it was around 120£ each direction for a5 hours trip), while the overnight bus (9 hours) was only £14 in each direction. I booked the bus.
  • I did have a problem when I left Penzance- my bus didn’t turn up. I made the split decision to get the last train to London which cost me a lot at the time but I was able to later claim back. Just a reminder to always have a back up plan, especially when travelling alone at night.
  • In Penzance I bought an unlimited local bus ticket for 15£. For two days this is 20£ and three days even better value. So if you plan to explore over a few days definitely opt for a longer ticket.
  • In my usual style I mostly got around by walking.

Food & Drink: 5 days = 50£


With a fully equipped kitchen at a hostel, it’s easy to save money on food. Most hostels also have a cupboard of left over food that you can combine with new ingredients for an even cheaper meal.

  • Breakfast: included in my hostel rate. Alternatively, many cafes offer a full hot breakfast for around 5£
  • Lunch: between 2-4£ for Cornish Pastie or salad sandwich
  • Ice Cream: 2.5£
  • Beer: around for half a pint
  • Dinner: I mainly ate at the hostel. Pub meals or similar would set you back between 10-15£ a meal

Activities: 16£

  • Entry to St. Michael’s Mount castle and gardens


Total spent:  178£  / 5 nights = 36£ per day

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