The 5 Best Things To do in Montenegro

Tara River

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Montenegro is famed for it’s abundant rugged mountains, beautiful coastline and historic cities. If you are a lover of the outdoors then this place is for you! The country is also a wonderful destination for solo (female) travellers, as it is both budget friendly and boasts friendly, hospitable locals.

Here are 5 activities you shouldn’t miss in Montenegro

1. Explore Kotor Bay and Old Town

Possibly the most famous region of Montenegro is Kotor Bay. Formed by a fjord, this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed bay is naturally divided into four smaller areas; Herceg Novi, Risan, Kotor and Tivat. 

Well positioned for trade, the Old Town of Kotor became the cultural center of the bay and is now the most popular tourist town. It can be extremely busy and hot in summer, so visiting in shoulder season is more enjoyable.

Another highlight in the bay is Perast, a stone town with views of two beautiful islets; Our Lady of the Rocks and St. Gorge. You can reach these islands by frequent water taxi for 5 euro.

Lady of the Rocks
Lady of the Rocks
Kotor Bay
Overlooking Kotor Bay and Old Town
Perast Old Town
Perast Old Town

2. Climb Above Cetinje to St. Peter’s Mausoleum

Cetinje is the old royal capital of Montenegro and is a beautiful and peaceful place to explore in itself. There are several great value restaurants serving delicious local dishes- just look for where the locals are eating.

The main draw card of the area are the stunning views of Lovcen National Park from high above the city. To get there you’ll need to drive or hire a taxi to take you up the winding road to St Peter’s Mausoleum. I’ve written another post, here, with specific details and the cost involved.

View from St Peter's Mausoleum
The view from St. Peter’s Mausoleum

View out an archway

3. Walk over Tara Bridge and Raft the Canyon Below

Falling 1,300 meters at it’s lowest point, Tara Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe. The clear turquoise water of the canyon also makes for a beautiful place to try white water rafting. Canyoning and zip line rides are also on offer in the area.

Aside from adventure activities, Tara is a popular tourist destination due to the impressive structure of Tara Bridge. Perched 170 meters above the river, the 365 meter-long structure is both beautiful and imposing.

White Water Rafting along Tara River
White Water Rafting along Tara River
Zip line in Tara
One of the Zip lines at Tara
Tara Bridge
Tara Bridge towering over the canyon

4. Hike and Swim at Biogradska Gora

One of the last three primeval forests in Europe, Biogradska Gora National Park is a rare treasure. It’s also a lot quieter than nearby Durmitor National Park. The train from Bar to Belgrade stops at nearby Mojkovac, making the area accessible even without a car.

You can stroll through the beautiful trees and boat or swim in the central lake. Have a look here for more information.

Biogradska Gora Lake
Biogradska Gora Lake
Boat at Biogradska Gora
Biogradska Gora Lake

5. Relax on the Montenegrin Riviera

Fondly dubbed the Riviera of Montenegro, the coastal region of the country is indeed stunning and relaxing. There are three main touristic towns along the coast, each offering a slightly different experience. Below you can see some highlights from Budva, Bar and Ulcinj.

Montenegro Riviera
Montenegro’s coast is full of beautiful beaches
Budva at sunset
Waterfall above Bar
The waterfall above Bar
Ulcinj Old Town
Ulcinj Old Town


By far the most popular resort town on the coast, Budva is full of hotels, beach side bars and sundeck chairs. It can be overwhelming in summer but in the shoulder season it’s just quiet enough.

Budva Old Town is a short stroll from the beach and at over two and a half thousand years old, it’s famous for being the Old Town of Illyria. However, these days I found most shops and cafes inside to be exceedingly touristic and over-priced.


The next town along the coast is Bar. One of the main highlights is the rubble strewn old town which spans many civilisations. At 4km up hill from the coast, it’s quite a hike, but local buses and taxis frequently visit the old town and are quite cheap.

A further 40 minute hike up the hill will reward you with a small waterfall tumbling into a deep swimming hole. This spot is well known by locals but not by tourists, so it’s refreshingly cool waters are often empty. Find the trail to the waterfall on the app.


Just before the border with Albania you’ll find Ulcinj a large town with many lovely beaches and a quiet inviting old town. The best beaches are small rocky coves on the north side of the old town.

Ulcinj is much less touristy than the other coastal towns, providing a welcome respite from summer crowds. In the old town you’ll find good value seafood restaurants and bars over looking the water with perfect views of the sunset.


So how much should you budget for a trip to Montenegro? Have a look at this post for a detailed guide.




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