The 100 Day Project

I love frameworks that help you to explore and develop creativity- and this concept is at the heart of a global art project I’m taking part in over the following months. The 100 Day Project revolves around creating something new and unique for 100 days in a row, using the same method. Ideally each creation takes 5-10 minutes of your day.

Michael Beirut coined the term in 2007 when he had students in his Yale class create something each day using the same design process, and then present the result at the end of 100 days. In 2013 Elle Luna brought the project to Instagram, where it became an annual global event, now in its 6th year.

My Project…

From today, the 2nd of April until the 11th of July, I’ll join thousands of people worldwide jumping on board with this project. I’ve chosen to write a blog post every day for 100 days to document my travels for posterity, share my journey with friends and family and improve my writing skills. These posts will nearly always take longer than 10 minutes, but as I’m now traveling full time I believe I can meet the challenge. Some days may be short posts, even a single photo with a caption of where I am in the world on that day. But I know it will be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding if I commit to a post a day.

If you want to follow my project then keep an eye on my blog- you can subscribe via email on my site or through the WordPress app. Or if Instagram is more your thing follow my hashtag #100daysofViatrix.

If The 100 Day Project is something you’d like to try then you can find out more here and sign up for free. Or check out the #the100dayproject on Instagram for some awesome inspiration!