New Beginnings

This time last year I was preparing to leave a career that had occupied my life for the better part of a decade- medical research.

While I loved certain aspects of my work- the thrill of discovery and always learning new things, problem solving and flexible work hours, I was very unfulfilled with other aspects of the work.

Predominantly I felt that I didn’t have an outlet for my creative side in my day to day work. And in terms of the bigger picture, I was frustrated by not “making a difference” to my chosen field of research. I also felt a strong lack of connection between the effort I put into my work and outcome I would see- a common struggle in research and academia.

In the lead up to quitting my job I’d saved intensely and planned to take 6-12 months away from structured employment to travel, spend time with family and try new fields of work.

During my two years working and living in Finland I had developed a passion for travel writing and photography. This formed my basis for exploring new ideas and I soon extended these aspects to different types of design and eventually web development.

I spoke to people I met while travelling- so many of them were working in various creative fields and the conversations about their work and what aspects they enjoyed or struggled with were invaluable to me. I soaked up content on YouTube, Skillshare and online forums about how to improve specific skills, and more generally about how to pursue a different career path and the best ways to work and learn independently.

After 6 months I decided to focus on web development and set about learning the specific tools of the trade, with a big focus on practical project-based work. I knew that my first project would be challenging- converting my own blog into a unique site that I had designed and coded from scratch. It also ended up becoming quite a time consuming project, as I spent a lot of time editing content and developing my photography and photo editing skills. However, as it was also a passion project, it provided me with the motivation needed to push through a steep learning curve. 

After 4 months of working on this project part-time I’m finally ready to share the result. If you’re interested in seeing what’s been keeping me busy lately and what I’ve created then have a look at my new site-



Author: Emma

I'm an Aussie who loves exploring my new homeland of Finland in my day to day life and traveling around Europe in my free time. I'm particularly passionate about solo and eco-friendly travel.

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