London Photo Diary: could I live here?

As my rough plans for 2019 involve relocating to London, a city I’ve never visited, in a country I’ve never been to, I thought I should probably check out the place to see how I’d feel about living there. I’ve done this with a few other potential new homes before- Edinburgh, Lyon and Helsinki, and found that spending a few days as a local really helped me to decide whether I would move to a place or not. During these trips I like to stay in a neighbourhood outside of the CBD, use public transport and walk around as much as possible, try out local coffee spots, cheap eats, supermarkets and weekend activities, and generally soak up the atmosphere with an attitude of a resident rather than a tourist.

So this weekend I took advantage of some cheap flights and flew to London.

The verdict? …

Although it was a grey weekend and I found the tourist heart of London pretty underwhelming (Buckingham Palace has to be the most drab royal building I’ve ever seen!), I was enchanted by the meandering back lanes, conjoined townhouses and perfectly stereotypical British pubs. I loved the Natural History Museum and hoped that I would one day master the extensive underground network. I walked through Hyde Park and along the Thames, ate delicious steak pie in a quintessential pub– washed down with equally delicious (and cheap) ale, had some great coffee and indulged in the plentiful authentic curries on offer in Brick Lane. Overall I could definitely see myself living in London! Here are some photos from the weekend that may better describe my feelings for the city.