Helsingør: a Perfect Day Trip from Copenhagen

One my favourite experiences in Denmark was a day trip to Helsingør, or Elsinore in English.

This picturesque coastal town is home to Kronberg castle- Shakespeare’s inspiration for Hamlet. Helsingør also boasts a beautiful old town, which feels remarkably peaceful after Copenhagen’s busy streets. Large green-topped churches provide a pretty backdrop for the skyline.

A relatively new (8 years) addition to the town is the intriguing Culture Yard which houses a superb library, cafes, communal spaces, a rooftop lookout and many events both within the new funky building and outside in the restored harbour area. At the back of the Yard you’ll find an indoor/outdoor food market with a large range of delicious food and drink stores.

Helsingør is also the first place in the Baltic sea area that I’ve visited that I would actually call a beach. Although still not comparable to the Australian definition, the clear water lapping over pebbles on the beach in front of Kronberg castle made me feel a like a kid in Narnia, frolicking in front of Cair Paravel. There are beaches suitable for swimming a little further north of the town.

A train from Copenhagen to Helsingør takes around 40 minutes and will set you back 15€ (100 Danish Krone) each way. Here are some of my photos from this relaxing and wonderful day trip.




The Old Town





The Harbour


My kind of place




The Culture Yard






Kronberg Castle