Finnish Summer Cottages: the perfect escape from city life

I love everything about Finnish summer cottages. Often found in the woods or by a lake (although Finns will try and call it the sea) they’re the perfect place to escape city life and relax in the pristine Finnish nature. There’s often no running water or mod cons, but nearly always a sauna, ensuring an immersion in the simple but wonderful joys of life. Families often spend all summer at their cottage and some people even choose to live there permanently- I was keen for this after our first visit!


Recently we were lucky enough to visit a friend’s cottage near Porvoo, very close to where Tove Jansson wrote a lot of the Moomins books. It wasn’t hard to see why she was inspired to write such wonderful, wholesome tales in a place like that.

The main cottage perched above the lake



The sauna house in the background and a jetty for cooling off in the lake


Good food shared together is a key part of the cottage experience!




We also visited a nearby town for the weekend market. It was full of a delicious range of fresh and cured fish and traditional handcrafted goodies.



Cannot bloody wait for our next Finnish cottage experience!