Finnish Summer Cottages: The Perfect Escape From City Life

Everything about Finnish summer cottages screams relaxation and rediscovering what is important in life. Families often spend all summer at their cottage and then sporadic weekends during the year. Some even choose to live there permanently.

Often nestled in the woods beside a lake, the cabins usually have no running water or mod cons. However, in typical Finnish style, there’s nearly always a sauna. This combination of simple pleasures and lack of modern technology helps to truly relax and unwind.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from a weekend away at a traditional Finnish Summer Cottage


Summer Cottage by a Lake

Lake Views

Usually summer cottages are found by pristine lakes

Access to a sauna is critical, as is a jetty to jump into the lake between sauna sessions!

Lake side jetty with sauna in background
The sauna house in the background and a jetty for cooling off in the lake


Good food shared together is another key part of the cottage experience


Shared dinner at the summer cottage

Summer cottages are just one of the things to love about Finland. For more reasons to visit check out this post.

Relaxing by the lake at the summer cottage

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