De Haar Castle: the perfect day trip from Amsterdam

My fascination with castles is so borderline obsessive that when I was visiting relatives in Italy, eager for all opportunities to explore anything remotely resembling a castle, they nicknamed me Dracula.

In the following decade my love of all things castle related hasn’t waned in the slightest, so when I was studying in Amsterdam last year and heard that De Haar Castle was a mere 1.5hrs away, I couldn’t wait to jump on the next train. Here’s some photos from the afternoon adventure.


The castle is open from 11am-5pm daily, but be sure to arrive before 4pm if you want to look inside the castle. Entry is a little steep at 17€ to go inside, or much more reasonable at 5€ just for the grounds. I think it was worth the fee to go inside because of my aforementioned obsession with all things castle, but the grounds are definitely worth a visit on their own. You can find more info about visiting the castle here.

An icecream in the castle grounds is the perfect way to finish the day!