Could I Live Here? My checklist for deciding on a new home

Lately, whenever I visit a new city that I like, I start to wonder if could I live there. Searching for my new home has become a big part of my current travels.

This is not a new exercise for me- I’ve done it a few times over the past 3 years- in Edinburgh, Lyon, Helsinki and London, and ultimately, trusting my impressions of a city has really paid of.

This morning I was running around a beautiful residential area of Budapest when the feeling of putting down roots struck me anew. It was a quiet Sunday morning and the household gardens I ran past were full of red tulips, purple violets and pink cherry blossoms peeping over stone walls. I longed to stay in a place long enough to cultivate my own garden.

Then my practical side took over and I began to think about whether I could genuinely live in Budapest and if so, what constitutes my checklist for a new home. Here’s what I came up with.

New home town checklist

(In no particular order)

1. Good public transport

2. Well connected to other exciting destinations (train, bus, low cost airlines)

3. Bargain cost of living

4. Ability to afford a place with a garden

5. Drinkable tap water

6. A recycling program and eco-friendly mindset

7. A lively and intelligent vibe

8. A neighborhood that feels like a small town

9. History and beautiful old buildings

10. Excellent (and cheap) internet

11. A place to work with others while I freelance

12. Good healthcare

13. Delicious local food and readily available fresh fruit and vegetables

14. A temperate climate

15. A local language I could learn in 6-12 months

16. A good local coffee spot

17. Somewhere I can readily play social indoor and outdoor football

And last but possibly most important;

18. The ocean nearby

Some of these points I’d readily compromise, while others not so much so.

Excitedly, I have a feeling that one of my upcoming travel destinations encompasses nearly all of these points.