My Favourite 5 Places in Italy


After holding my breath for most of this year I can finally officially call myself Italian and will soon have my very own EU passport, something that will make life in Europe infinitely easier for me.

I’m beyond excited and grateful to become a citizen of such a beautiful country- not only do I cherish my Italian roots and everything my grandparents have taught and passed down to me, but Italy has by far been my favorite place to visit over the years. To celebrate the news I went through some of my photos from recent trips to Italy- here are the top five places in Italy that I’ve visited to date- I can’t wait to add more to the list!

In bold I’ve included links to separate posts on each of these places.

1.  The Amalfi Coast

As a beach lover this was always going to be high on my list. Stunning clear blue water dotted with islands and a coastline full of culture to explore. Highlights for me included the islands of Procida, Capri, and the castle at Ischia as well as the coastal town of Ravello, perched high above the sea.


2. The Aeolian Islands

Another stunning beach destination I loved visiting were the Aeolian islands off Sicily’s northern coast. The island of Lipari and the volcano and sulphur beaches of Vulcano were my favourites.





3. Venice

It wasn’t until my third trip to Italy, earlier this year that I finally got to visit one of the most romantic cities in the world. The winding maze-like canal streets were everything I had expected and hoped for. As well as the beauty surrounding me, I loved trying all the different local Bacari– cheap little bars serving delicious snacks and wine for as little as 1€ a piece.




4. Pompeii

Latin was my favourite subject in high school and visiting one of the most famous sites of Roman ruins in the world has been on my bucket list for decades. Last summer I finally got to the archaeological site and loved soaking up the history of the place.

Pompeii Ruins

5. Bassano del Grappa

This little town, an hour train ride from Venice is one of the Italian villages featured in Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms. I loved the enchanting old streets, buildings and bridge, as well as the stunning blue river and mountainous backdrop.






My first trip to Italy back in 2006… some things don’t change!



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  1. Congratulations, citizen of Europe. How good, and easy, will your travels be now. Well done you. Next step is buying a little bolt hole there….or an old vila in need of love and renovations.

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