Biogradska Gora: one of the most beautiful national parks in Montenegro

Biogradska Gora in Montenegro’s northeast is one of the country’s five national parks, and is famed for it’s extensive primeval (old growth) forests and beautiful lakes. There are over 2,000 plant species200 bird species, and a walk through the park feels like an escape to another world. Many of the trees are over 400 years old and protection of the area dates back to 1878- the second oldest protected park in the world after Yellowstone.

You can access the national park through the towns of Kolasin or Mojkovac which are both on the train line from the capital Podgorica or the coastal town of Bar. The train continues on to Belgrade and is touted as one of the most beautiful rail trips in Europe.

I stayed at Camp Rebrenovic in Mojkovac where you’ll find cabins, tent pitches and camper van spots, all nestled in a beautiful valley. Tara River is a 15 minute walk away for a refreshing swim and a 10 minute taxi ride (3€) will take you to a small but endearing town with a real local feel. I found the area to be a lot less busy and touristic than other areas in Montenegro’s mountainous north.

One of the best ways to reach the national park from the camp is to hire a push bike (5€ a day) and ride 10km to Lake Biograd. While the last 3km of the ride is purely up hill, the subsequent dip in the lake was one of the most refreshing I’ve ever had! The bike ride down the winding road past the ancient trees is also thrilling. By the lake you’ll find a cafe, restaurant and information booth, as well as row boats and canoes for hire.

After spending a few days in the area, I’d recommend getting the local bus to Tara (5€ for an hour trip along the river) where you can raft Tara Canyon and experience the incredible views of Tara Bridge and the canyon below from the thrilling zip line.

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