10 vintage and eco-friendly stores you’ll want to visit in Berlin

I no longer buy new clothes- you can read about why here. Instead, I love finding second-hand bargains or clothes that someone has up-cycled into something unique and beautiful. I also no longer buy touristy souvenirs as a reminder of a country I’ve traveled to, instead I prefer to find a unique item of clothing or jewelry that will remind me of the country whenever I wear it. If you feel the same then you might like these gorgeous stores I found whilst wandering around Mitte in Berlin.

1. Who Killed Bambi?

This store is amazing! Full of up-cycled vintages dresses, blouses, denim jackets and more, I couldn’t get enough. I fell in love with and purchased two blouses, as they had a distinctly Berlin feel to me.

2. 1213bst

Probably the best value and range of all the stores I visited, as there are clothes from different people selling what they no longer want. It’s well curated and doesn’t feel cramped thanks to the open-plan layout. They also have a great range of jeans.

3. Unico

Some of the most stunning hand-made jewelry I’ve seen. They stock more than twenty jewelry collections, with a focus on contemporary Argentinian designers. I wanted everything. And I’ve never been in a shop that smelt better. My favorite store in all of Berlin.

4. Garments Vintage

Elegant and well curated, mainly designer vintage at reasonable prices. I fell for a Burberry trench and a high waisted Dolce and Gabbana skirt… maybe next time!

5. Villa Sorgenfei

Opposite to Garments Vintage this tiny jewelry store has quirky, earthy somewhat fairytale inspired pieces, with imprinted leaves and dandelion wisps in glass balls.

6. Made in Berlin

I found this store to be quite expensive but extensive as f*#k. They have everything and in every colour you might imagine.

7. Picknweight

This chain store has a large range but displayed in a more hap-hazard and tightly packed way than other stores. As the name suggests you pay by the weight of your clothes, so you can get a good deal on lighter items.

8. Ecoalf

I love the idea of this store- they repurpose plastic bottles and fishing nets into clothes. I especially loved their tees and pull overs but it was a bit out of my price range on this trip.

9. Humana second hand & vintage

This chain store is super cheap (many things for 1€) but requires a lot of rummaging to find anything decent.

10. Mauer Park flea market

And finally, Berlin’s largest flea market! It’s open every Sunday from 8am-5pm And I’ve heard it’s best to arrive early for the bargains. Unfortunately I had to catch my bus early Sunday morning so I couldn’t get there this trip.

Author: Emma

I'm an Aussie who loves exploring my new homeland of Finland in my day to day life and traveling around Europe in my free time. I'm particularly passionate about solo and eco-friendly travel.

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