5 of the Best Places to Ice-skate Outdoors in Helsinki

There are so many beautiful places to skate and ski around Helsinki in winter- here are five of my favourites.

Ice-skating is one of the most beloved winter activities. Helsinki has no shortage of beautiful places to skate and ski outdoors in winter- there’s even a huge circular track on the frozen sea!

Many rinks have skates for hire and change room and toilet facilities. For an interactive map listing winter ski, skate and swimming locations, as well as their conditions in and around Helsinki, take a look at this site.

Below I’ve listed the best five of these places to ice-skate outdoors in Helsinki

1. Munkiniemi

Ice-skating on the frozen sea
Ice-skating on the frozen sea

Vibe: There’s nothing quite like ice-skating on the sea! The track is so expansive that you can really enjoy the flow of skating, however the size and fact that the ice isn’t regularly maintained makes it a difficult place for beginners to skate.

Cost: Free but there are no skate rentals

Size: A huge circular track

2. Eläintarha Athletic Field

In winter this athletic track becomes an ice-skating rink
In winter this athletic track becomes an ice-skating rink

Vibe: This track is easily reachable from the center by tram yet often deserted. A great place to practice in peace.

Cost: Free but no skate rentals

Size: The whole running track has been converted to a large circular ice rink

3. Jääpuisto: Ice Park Helsinki

Ice Park Helsinki
Ice Park Helsinki

Vibe: This is probably the most well known and central ice rink in Helsinki. It’s right next to the railway station and often crowded. While it’s one of the smaller ice rinks I’ve been to, it does have a great jovial atmosphere- music blasts out across the rink and there are beautiful buildings surrounding it.

Cost: Around 6€ for skating and another 6€ for skate rental

Size: Small and practically always crowded- don’t let the above image fool you!

4. Kalasatamanpuisto

Kalasatamanpuisto- a small rink near the Redi shopping center

Vibe: This little rink is next to the new Redi shopping center at Kalasatama. This creates the perfect opportunity to warm up afterwards with a hot drink at one of the many cafes inside Redi. There is also a metro stop at Redi, allowing very easy access to the rink in winter.

Cost: Free but there are no skate rentals

Size: Relatively small but rarely crowded

5. Brahe Field in Kallio

Brahe Field, Kallio
Brahe Field, Kallio

Vibe: This field is a soccer field in summer and an ice rink in winter. The smooth, large surface is rarely crowded making it the perfect place for beginners. While half the field is used for ice hockey practice, there is still plenty of room for skating. At times ice hockey games are played on the field and it is then closed for skating. It can be hard to spot in winter as the snow piles high around the outskirts- the entrance is off Helsinginkatu.

Cost: 3.5€ for the day and reasonable prices for skate rental. Entrance is mainly an honour system and there’s also a little cafe inside.

Size: The biggest artificial rink I’ve used.


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