10 travel hacks to stretch your money when traveling

I love traveling for extended periods of time- which means I need to be careful and aware of how I spend my money whilst exploring. As I don’t want to miss out on unique experiences or feel constantly stressed about budgeting, my favourite ways to save money are to be creative and thrifty with my travel plans and experiences.

Here are 10 things I do when I travel that save me money


1. Take carry on luggage only

person pulling travel luggage
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This not only saves you a significant amount of money when purchasing multiple budget flights, but it makes travel so much easier and streamlined. It also helps the environment as the plane has a lighter load.

2. Walk to explore

DSC01904DSC03392Unless it’s below -5° then this is my ideal way to explore a new place! Make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes, a hat if it’s sunny, jacket if it’s cold or wet and get out and explore. It’s not only cheaper than other forms of transport but you have so much more time take everything in, freedom to pop into that cute little store you stumbled on and time to stop and take photos.


3. Listen to Blinks

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If you’re walking alone as I often do, then it’s the perfect opportunity to listen to blinks- 15 min summaries of over 2,500 non-fiction books. Blinkist by far my favourite app and I normally listen to one a day on the free version of the app. When traveling it’s worth signing up to the premium version (or a free trial for a week) as you can select the blinks you want and download them to your phone, perfect for when you don’t have wifi when traveling.

4. Free Walking tours

DSC02338.jpgIf solitude is not your thing or you want some guided expertise on the city you’re visiting then do a free walking tour. Most cities have these, often starting at a central well-known monument and going for 1-3 hours. It’s often expected and considerate to tip the guide if you enjoyed the walk.


5. Park run

IMG_2874If running is more your thing then joining a local Park Run is an amazing, free way to see a new city, get exercise and meet new people. Here you can find info and maps of park runs around the world.


6. Offline maps

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Invaluable when traveling without WiFi. In this post I go through the steps to set up your own custom Google Maps.


7. Brunch and Linner

IMG_2083Try to stay at places that have breakfast included, then load up on protein rich food at breakkie, snack a little throughout the day and have an early dinner. This means you can get away with only paying for one or two meals a day.


8. Free museums and sites

DSC01499In every place you visit there will be free sites and often free museums to visit- it may just take a bit of hunting to find them. Here’s how to spend a free day in Copenhagen 


9. Pack your own plane food

food healthy meal prep tupperwear
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Not only does this stop you buying overpriced airport and airline food but it’s so much better for the environment as you avoid all the packaging. It will likely be a much healthier meal as well.


10. Visit Libraries

Often housed in beautiful buildings, these are nearly always free to visit and offer a place to rest and recharge in beautiful surrounds. Here are some stunning libraries to visit in Helsinki.