Sunday Reset

A few weeks ago I found MuchelleB’s YouTube channel and fell in love with her content. Not only does she have a lovely Aussie accent reminiscent of home, but her videos provide inspiring, motivating and practical changes you can implement to help you feel more organised, relaxed and in love with your life.

I’ve been feeling pretty stressed lately- understandable given the life changes I’m currently implementing and planning. But this stress has started to take a tole on me physically, and while I believe that seeking professional medical support is key to dealing with any mental or physical illness, I also think there are behavioral changes I can make in my life to improve how I have been feeling.

So this week I decided to try a Sunday Reset, as Muchelle discusses in these videos. I’ve listed below the steps of my new Sunday routine, which I’m hoping will take me 1-2 hours once I figure out which parts work best for me, and will hopefully prepare me for a restful sleep.

My Sunday Reset

  • Clean my space: tidy desk, vacuum floor mat, do any clothes washing
  • Take indoor plants to the balcony to water
  • Update my budget spreadsheet
  • Go through my admin list- mainly things I’ve procrastinated during the week like booking appointments, canceling unwanted subscriptions
  • Go over my calendar to refresh on activities/appointments/catch ups for the week
  • Brain dump and make new admin list of anything I didn’t get to
  • Sort/delete phone photos from the week in an effort to stop thousands of inane photos accruing on my phone
  • Reflection: wins for the week, what’s not working, what have I been avoiding, values check in, goal tracking
  • Cook dinner from a new recipe –> pack extra for lunch
  • Do at least 10min of yoga
  • Shower
  • Read today’s Daily Stoic page and write my Daily Stoic evening journal
  • Into bed by 9.30 –> read for around half an hour

Everyone’s life and routines are of course going to be different, but I hope that through sharing mine I might provide some ideas and inspiration on how to implement change when things are just not quite right for you. I’d love to hear about any evening or weekly routines you do to help you feel calm and organised!