Home Made Pasta

Pasta has to be about the simplest, most delicious thing to cook. You can make it with just eggs and flour, so it’s ridiculously cheap and surprisingly simple to make.

I use my Thermomix to make the process even faster but you can also make it pretty darn easily without one (well at least Nonna made it look easy!).



Roughly 1 egg per 100g of flour, and a pinch of salt. Here, I used 400g flour with 4 egss and mixed in the thermo for 5 seconds and then on the knead setting for 3min (wheat symbol). I then turned out the dough onto my Thermomix mat (floured bench is fine) and kneaded roughly 10x by hand.

Without a thermo, pour the flour into a pile on a clean bench, make a well in the middle and crack the eggs in. Add salt and knead for a few minutes until firm.


Once dough is in a firm ball, leave to rest for at least 30min. During this time I made the sauce (details below).


Assemble Italian pasta machine. I was lucky enough to find one second hand for 20euro, you can also buy new from home wares shops like Habitat.

Secure the machine to the bench with the clamp, I used a tea towel under the machine to ensure I didn’t damage my land lord’s bench!

Place the handle in the hole of the base attachment and turn the nob on the side to make sure the machine is on the widest setting (most space between the rollers).


After resting for 30min, break off small chunks of dough and feed them through the machine. Feed the same piece through the widest setting several times, folding the pasta in half each time.


Once all the pasta has been through the widest setting, change the setting to a more narrow one and repeat (probably best to go up gradually in settings but I’m too impatient and jump a few in the interest of time).



Once all pasta sheets are at desired thickness you can either use these directly as lasagne sheets or for ravioli etc. Or you can cut the sheets to make fettuccine or capellini (thin angel hair pasta).

I cut mine into fettuccine using the pasta machine attachment. It slides straight onto the  top of the base machine.



Place the newly cut pasta on a floured bench, loosely folding it so it doesn’t stick together too much.



Boil water, adding salt for flavour and oil to stop the pasta sticking. When the water is boiled, cook pasta as you normally would (8-10min on simmer).




I like a really simple mushroom sauce. Fry onion and bacon in butter, set aside and fry mushroom with sage. Add the bacon back in and some blue cheese. In a separate pan toast some pinenuts. Mix all together, and you’re done.




Serve with grated Parmesan and red wine 🙂