Quitting coffee: my love hate addiction

I love coffee. I love the smell when it’s brewing, I love the taste and I love the excitement in the morning when I’m preparing my first cup. I love going out for coffee as a social trip with colleagues to get out of the office (in Australia) or as a relaxing weekend activity (Finland). But most of all I love how it wakes me up and helps me focus.

But lately I feel that I’ve been consuming far too much. Likely due to a combination of the ever-increasing darkness of the Finnish winter, the omnipresent abundance of coffee in a country that consumes more than any other nation, and my new morning routine of attempted 5.30am wake-ups. For awhile I’ve been having sporadic heart palpitations which I partly attribute to this increased caffeine, and today, after my third strong coffee, I had a really bad one that scared the s*#t out of me and pushed me to make a change. I have previously spoken to my GP about it and was told there was nothing abnormal. But at the back of my mind is the knowledge that a few years ago my dad experienced similar but much worse atrial fibrillation, after too many espressos in Italy and stressful life events, and he eventually required an ablation to burn the heart tissue that was causing the arrhythmia. So I’ve now decided this is serious enough for me to go cold turkey with coffee. From this moment on.

To help break my addiction and stick to my resolution, I decided to publish this post immediately, as writing things down and telling people my plans often helps to hold me accountable for what I want to do. Below are some other habits I’d like to improve upon to help me quit coffee. I’d love to hear in the comments below any tips on what you’ve tried!


Improving my sleep & relaxation routine:

  • At least 5min yoga/stretching/meditation before bed
  • Write in my Daily Stoic Journal every evening & morning for 5min
  • In bed by 9.30pm and no phone/electronics after this
  • Read for half an hour or until I fall asleep
  • Out of bed by 6am at the latest each workday, 8am on weekends


Alternatives to coffee:

  • Bring delicious tea bags to work, keep them at my desk and reach for these when I would normally have coffee
  • Start using loose leaf tea and try a different flavour every fortnight
  • Try caffeine alternatives to keep me focused and alert
  • Drink glogi, gingerbread lates or hot chocolates at cafes – I like this one the best 🙂