One pot delicious & cheap tuna pasta, less than 1€ per serve!

As a somewhat eternal student, I’ve been making variations of this budget pasta for the last decade and I still bloody love it. It’s ridiculously quick and easy to make and it’s pretty healthy too. So if you’re looking to save time and money (for travel?!) whilst also wanting a nutritious meal then this is your new go to!


Total prep/cooking time: 15-20 min


Cost:   3.72€ ($6) for 4 serves, which is 0.93€ ($1.5) per serve!!

  • Whole meal macaroni pasta: 0.23€ for 400g, I used half the packet so 0.12€
  • Miso soup sachet or vegetable stock cube + tbsp Vegemite: 0.80€ for stock cube, I used 1 so 0.1€
  • Frozen broccoli: 1.39€ for 750g, I used 1/4 bag so 0.35€
  • Tuna can: 1.25€ for 1.95g so 2.50€
  • Carrots: 1.59€ for 1 kg, I used 3 so around 0.3€
  • Tomatoes 1.79€, I used 2 so around 0.35€

Ingredients for 4 serves:

  • 3-4 cups of macaroni
  • Equal parts water if you want more of a soup, else 2-3 cups for regular pasta
  • 1 Miso soup sachet OR 1 vege stock cube + tbsp Vegemite
  • Fresh/frozen broccoli pieces- as may as you want, I usually go for 2 hanfuls
  • 2x ~200g tuna can (I like to use one in oil and one in springwater)
  • Optional shredded kale, sliced carrot, halved cherry tomatoes, cheese
  • Olive oil & pepper to season


  1. Boil water with miso or stock/Vegemite, once boiling add pasta & reduce heat
  2. When the pasta is a little over halfway cooked (around 5min for macaroni) add broccoli, kale and carrots if using
  3. Cook a further 3-4 min or until pasta and veggies are al dente
  4. Mix in tuna, cherry tomatoes and cheese if using, season with oil and pepper and you’re done!

If you have fresh veggies instead of frozen then it adds more flavour to quickly sauté them in a separate pan (with some onion) while the pasta is cooking and then combine.

I like to make enough for 2-4 serves so I have filling lunch meals for work and can save extra money for travel instead of buying my lunch daily 🙂