Everything I own: continually striving for minimalism

These lists seem to usually be comprised of 100 things… but I haven’t quite reached that minimalism goal yet! I also cheated a bit by listing some things as categories. But hey my list, my rules.

I decided to make this list as a way to audit my “stuff” and cut down on what I owned, after recently being shocked when I moved house and realised that I owned so many more “things” than I thought I did. The ‘minimalist struggle’ for me revolves around the desire to live in a beautiful space, surrounded by things I love, whilst also ensuring those things don’t become excessive and what I do keep is truly (and regularly) useful or beautiful to me. This list will shrink next year when I head off traveling for a few months but for now, I’ve itemised everything I own, kicking off with some methods that helped me to curate my belongings.

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Tips & methods for minimalism

  • The first one is fairly obvious but also pretty hard to do- stop buying new things! To ease into this I found it helpful to go on a spending ban for a month and in that time avoid my favourite shops and places I normally buy things. For me this meant walking home a different way from work to avoid several second hand stores, and starting new habits like joining a Saturday morning running group, to replace the habit of weekend mornings spent scouting the recycle center for bargains. A month-long spending ban not only helps to break the addiction of buying stuff, but also forces you to be creative with things you already own that might serve another purpose or can be used in fun DIYs.
  • In terms of downsizing what you already own, each of these methods helped me in some way:

KonMari’s famous Spark Joy technique

The Gentle Swedish Art of Death Cleaning

The Minimalists 30-Day Game90/90 rule and 1-in-10-out rule

Boxing all your belongings in a room and only opening and unpacking one item at a time as you need it

The 100 Things Challenge, discussed by Dave Bruno in his book and TED talk and the basis of this post

  • Finally, I think it takes time to figure out what you regularly use in your life and what you truly find beautiful. And it takes time to build up the strength to let go of the rest. So as long as you’re moving forward and making progress, don’t be too hard on yourself!

The 150 things I own

Work clothes

I’m fortunate enough to have access to showers and a locker at work, so in the colder months I walk to work in my ski pants and jacket and then change into indoor clothes.

1-6. Tops: navy floral top, white long-sleeved shirt, striped T-shirt, black 3/4 top, black cardigan, black blazer

7-9. Skirts & Pants: Ruby skirt, red floral dress, black jeans

10 & 11. Shoes: Black loafers, Black vintage heels

Home clothes

12-15. Dresses: green summer dress, black floral dress, red party dress, black lace cocktail dress

16-18. Skirts & Pants: brown leather, black leather, blue jeans

19-25. Tops: singlets x3, Aus music t-shirts x2, grey long-sleeved top, black evening top

26-33. Jumpers & Jackets: brown turtle neck, black knit, black pullover, merino wool navy zip up, grey hoodie, black leather jacket, black double breasted coat, purple down puffer jacket

34-37. Underwear, socks, scarves, leggings

38-40. Shoes: Chelsea ankle boots, winter/snow boots, shoe cleaning/care kit

Sports/outdoor clothes & gear


41-51. Clothes: wind-proof jacket, water-proof jacket, red zip-up jumper, thermals, hiking tops, hiking pants, ski pants, shorts, sports leggings, sports tops, bathers

52-54. Shoes: hiking boots, futsal boots, running shoes

55-63. Camping Gear: 50L hiking backpack, tent, air mattress, sleeping bag liner, fold-able camping bowls, tin mug, lantern, waterproof playing cards, first aid kit

64-69. Sports gear: ski goggles & gloves, ice skates, drink bottle, lock for the gym, yoga mat & cleaner, roller


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70-73. Bags: backpack, carry on wheely suitcase, small crossover handbag, pink sports bag

74. Zero Waste kit: foldable bags, metal straw, bamboo utensils, eye mask, ear plugs

75-77. Towels: quick dry travel towel, sauna/hand towel, face towel

78-83. Beanie, gloves, hat, sunglasses, prescription glasses, belts

84-96. Jewelry: 5x necklaces- all given to me, 5x earrings, 2x bracelets, 1x ring (grandmother’s wedding ring)


97. See Previous post.


98-100. Laptop, phone & headphones, camera


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101. Thermomix

102-104. Pasta machine, potato ricer for gnocchi, Julienne peeler for zucchini noodles

105-108. Mocha pot, large tea mug, bowl from Ravello, cutlery set from a wonderful friend

Craft supplies

109. Including things like beads, stamps, paints, glue gun.

Books & Notes

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110-119.  Travel books x5, Fiction books x5

120-122. Daily Stoic Journal, journal for thoughts on novels, notebook for thoughts and plans

Furniture & decor

Most of the furniture in my room, including my linen, is included in my rent. I love that everything is white and simple. These are the items I do own:


123-125. Upcycled stool, a framed world scratch map which I’m currently using for my advent calendar, upcycled blackboard for my morning planner

126-135. Scented candles x2, an oil burner, fairy lights from my mum, magnets, mini metal bicycles from Vietnam, a ceramic plate my mum made, earring tree, glass perfume bottle, a handful of photos.

136-140. Cushions x2 & woven blanket my cousin made, rubbish bin, laundry basket

141-150. Plants: Large rubber plant, small fig leaf, rectangular pot with various indoor plants, an airplant in a glass bowel, an upcycled tea cup and shot glass with succulents, a large purple jug and small glass vase for propagating indoor plants. Watering can and spray bottle.

Obviously there’s been a little poetic license in what I’ve counted as an item or instead as a category, nonetheless I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how you can live with less and be more happy and fulfilled by doing so. I’d love to hear any tips you have for maintaining minimalism in your life!