6 Upcycle Projects with Chalk & Blackboard Paint

Earlier this year I bought some blackboard paint (10€ for 230ml) from my local home-ware shop and some chalk paint (8€ for 120ml) for a garden upcycle project. I heard about the chalk paint on a blog and loved the idea of an eco-friendly paint that could easily be used on pretty much any surface without the need for prior sanding or prep.

Since the first project I’ve gone on to use the paints in several other quick DIYs- all using thrifted or free upcycled materials. Here’s some examples if you also want to breath some new life into old things you have thrifted or found lying around.

1. Give furniture a makeover

I bought this small footstool ladder for 3€ from a Facebook group. It’s perfect to keep plants on or as a bedside table.

I scored this stool from side of road in a giveaway and turned it into another spot for plants.

Tip: you can also get Annie Sloan furniture wax (~ 7€ for a small tub) to go over the paint if you want to place mugs or plants on the surface without the risk of water marks.

2. Framed blackboard

I scored the thick card and frame for free from my local recycle shop. I left the frame white (after some quick cleaning) and painted the card with the blackboard paint. You can also add detail with stencils to the frame for a fancier look. I use the blackboard for my morning routine but you could also use it for shopping lists, a monthly planner or just a space to draw and create.


3. Flower Pots

I found these three quite ugly pots for free from the recycle center and painted straight over them with the chalk paint. I then alternated between painting the top rim or bottom with blackboard paint and finished with some string and succulents.

Tip: I used masking tape to get a cleaner line between the two painted sections.

4. Pallet Planter

I picked up this small pallet for free from a Facebook group and turned it into a vertical garden (see here for details on how to do this). I painted the front with blackboard paint and while I wrote a quote on mine you can also write the name of herbs or flowers in the planter.

5. Air Plant Holder

Again, free find from the recycle center! I painted over the metal tripod and then used a hot glue gun to attach one of the thrifted pots from point 3 above.

6. Pallet garden seat

Ok, I didn’t make this one. I bought it off a Facebook group from someone who had already gone to the effort of painting the pallet and adding wheels. But I love it and think it’s another clever way to upcycle an old pallet.

Tip: adding a small mattress (this one is  cot mattress), rugs and bright pillows makes a perfect cosy balcony corner.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas on what you can make with no longer wanted thrifted materials and a few paints. I’d love to hear about your creative upcycled projects!