Travel Budget: Montenegro

Montenegro is incredibly beautiful- from the mountainous national parks, to the rocky coast and historic old towns, there is no shortage of variety of sights to see and activities to enjoy. The country is also a much cheaper and less touristy option than neighbouring Croatia.

Here is a breakdown of what I spent during two weeks in Montenegro.

Towns: Podgorica,  Mojkovac, Tara, Bar, Ulcinj, Budva, Kotor Bay

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Euro

Duration: 16 nights

Season: End of Summer (August & September)

Total Spend: 720€

Daily Spend: 45€

Biogradska Gora-6



 167€ for 16 nights


  • 8 nights in a shared hostel dorm, averaging 10€ per night
  • 5 nights camping at 5€ per night
  • 4 nights in an AirBnB at 30€ per night split by two



160€ for 16 days

Biogradska Gora-40

  • Short or shared taxi trips averaging 4€ a ride
  • Local buses, averaging 3€ a trip
  • Car hire for five days 200€ split by two (quite a high rate due to lack of credit card incurring high insurance fee)

Food & Drink:

240€ for 16 days

Sunset Dinner.jpg
Sunset seafood dinner

I spent 145€ eating out, 65€ on groceries and 30€ on alcohol.

While local ‘fast food’ can be a cheap option, it’s not very healthy and you’ll likely tire of if after a week or so. Fresh vegetables and supermarket food is relatively cheap, so if you have access to a kitchen and are looking to save money (whilst maintaining a balanced diet) this is probably the best option.

A traditional fast food staple is burek- a huge fried pastry stuffed with meat, cheese or spinach. This is often served with yogurt and the local way is to have a mouthful of burek then a sip of yogurt and mix the flavours in your mouth.

By the coast seafood is fresh and delicious and relatively cheap compared to elsewhere in Europe- around 12€ for dinner at a good value touristic place.

  • Breakfast: burek at local places should cost less than 1€. Coffee is around 1-2€
  • Lunch: a salad roll or another pastry and a drink will set you back less than 5€
  • Dinner: you can find some great local restaurants away from the tourist areas serving local dises for under 10€ with wine. My favourite was a whole fish served with local vegetables.
  • Drinks: less that 2€ to buy a large can of beer from the supermarket ,about double for a bottle of wine. 4-5€ for beer or wine in a restaurant. Cocktails are around 5-10€.


153€ for 16 days

Rafting Above
The view from Tara Bridge
Rafting Tara Canyon
  • Cetinj National Park Entrance and St. Paul’s Mausoleum: 2€ + 5€
  • Biogradska Gora National Park Entrance: 2€
  • White Water Rafting down Tara Canyon: 110€
  • Zip Line over Tara Canyon: 20€
  • Entrance to Bar Old Town: 2€
  • Boat trip in Ulcinj through Pirate Hostel: 12€

Total spent:    720€ / 16 nights = 45€ per day

Travel Budget: Cornwall

I absolutely loved my trip to Cornwall and can’t wait to go back and spend more time along England’s stunning southwest coast. The thing that surprised me most about the trip was just how beautiful beaches (especially Porthcurno) actually were. I can’t recommend this place of the world highly enough!

If you are planning a trip, here’s a guide on what I spent on a fairly tight budget and what you can can expect to pay for a similar standard. I visited in June, so prices may be slightly higher later in summer and cheaper at other times of the year.




City: Penzance, Cornwall England

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Pound (£)

Duration: 5 nights

Season: Summer (June)

Total Spend: 178£ (320 AUD, 198 EUR)

Daily Spend: 36£ (65 AUD, 40 EUR)



Cost Breakdown

Accommodation: 5 nights for 69£


5 nights: 3 at a hostel, 2 on a bus (included in transport costs below)

  • To save money and (mostly) time I opted to take the night bus to and from London to Penzance. I’ve included the cost of this under transport below. I loved that this gave me an extra two full days to explore Cornwall at no extra cost.
  • EasyPZ Backpackers in Penzance was one of the best hostels I ever stayed at. The staff were amazing, the atmosphere friendly and relaxed and the facilities everything you’d ever want from a beachside stay. It was walking distance from the train/bus station and I had a view of St. Michael’s Mount from my dorm window. The hostel staff were also fantastic when it came to arriving early in the morning and leaving late in evening- I could leave my bags, shower in the downstairs bathroom and fill my water bottle from the kitchen.

Transport: 5 days = 43£


  • The train from London to Penzance can be quite expensive (for my dates it was around 120£ each direction for a5 hours trip), while the overnight bus (9 hours) was only £14 in each direction. I booked the bus.
  • I did have a problem when I left Penzance- my bus didn’t turn up. I made the split decision to get the last train to London which cost me a lot at the time but I was able to later claim back. Just a reminder to always have a back up plan, especially when travelling alone at night.
  • In Penzance I bought an unlimited local bus ticket for 15£. For two days this is 20£ and three days even better value. So if you plan to explore over a few days definitely opt for a longer ticket.
  • In my usual style I mostly got around by walking.

Food & Drink: 5 days = 50£


With a fully equipped kitchen at a hostel, it’s easy to save money on food. Most hostels also have a cupboard of left over food that you can combine with new ingredients for an even cheaper meal.

  • Breakfast: included in my hostel rate. Alternatively, many cafes offer a full hot breakfast for around 5£
  • Lunch: between 2-4£ for Cornish Pastie or salad sandwich
  • Ice Cream: 2.5£
  • Beer: around for half a pint
  • Dinner: I mainly ate at the hostel. Pub meals or similar would set you back between 10-15£ a meal

Activities: 16£

  • Entry to St. Michael’s Mount castle and gardens


Total spent:  178£  / 5 nights = 36£ per day

Travel Budget: Venice

While Venice is definitely not the cheapest city to visit, there are a few tricks I learnt during my stay that saved me a tonne of money. If you plan to visit The City of Canals on a budget then this post is for you!


City: Venice, Italy

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Euro

Daily Spend: 53.6€



Cost Breakdown

Accommodation: 3 nights = 51€

Stay in Mestre rather than Venice itself. There’s nicer budget accommodation options for half the price and it’s only a 15min train ride into the heart of Venice. You also get to experience the old town of Mestre which to me, felt like a more authentic local Italian vibe than touristy Venice.

  • 17€ per night for a 6 bed dorm room at Anda Hostel. This hostel is a stone’s throw from the train/bus station so it’s very convenient when arriving in the region and also to get into and back from Venice. One of the better hostels I’ve stayed in
  • If you want to save more money then stay at AO Hostel. It’s also very close to the train station and super clean and modern but has much less of a cool hostel vibe than Anda


Transport: 3 days = 36€ 


  • Daily return train tickets to Venice: 2.70€
  • Walking around the canals
  • One day water ferry ticket that will get you all around Venice and out to Murano: 20€
  • Airport bus/train: 8€


Food & Drink: 3 days = 74€

img_4697Eating at Venice’s traditional bacari is not only a great way to experience the local culture but also saves a lot of money compared to eating at a restaurant. In this post I list 7 of my favorites in Venice.

  • Breakfast: I opted for the buffet breakfast at the hostel for 6€. Alternatively you can grab a cappuccino and croissant in Mestre for around 3€
  • Lunch: bacari with spritz, 8€
  • Dinner: I alternated between bacari with wine (6€) and restaurants in Mestre- for example da Bepi seafood restaurant has an amazing 3 course dinner for 20€


Total spent:  161€ / 3 nights = 53.6€ per day



Travel Budgeting: Croatia- Zagreb, Pula & Rovinji

Coming from Vienna, Croatia was a welcome return to budget travel. Here is what you can expect to pay in shoulder season (late April/early May).

City: Zagreb, Pula and Rovinj

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Croatian Kuna (Kn): 1€ = 7.5Kn

Daily Spend: 43.5€ / 320Kn


Cost Breakdown


11 nights = 145€

12€ per night for one nights a 8 bed dorm at World Wide Hostel. This place is amazing if you’re in your early 20s and still love to play beer pong every night. If not then head to Swanky Mint or similar.

15€ per night for three nights a 8 bed dorm at the Swanky Mint in Zagreb. This hostel is touted as the best in Croatia and while the bar, common areas and bedroom facilities definitely lived up to that, I had the worst night sleep during my stay because of noise out the courtyard window and squeaky wooden beds.

11€ per night for six nights a 6 bed dorm room at Riva Hostel in Pula. This hostel is in a great location, a little run down but good value for money and run by a local with a big heart. Romano has recently bought the place and plans to renovate it soon.

22€ for one night in a 4 bed dorm at Roubdabout Hostel in Rovinji. This was the cheapest option I could find but also highly recommended.


11 days = 63.5€ 

-Flexibus from Vienna to Zagreb: 15€

-Tram to the centre: a ticket is cheap but in Zagreb tourists can often get away with not having one- unlike Budapest!!

-Walking around Zagreb- it’s small and manageable by foot

-Flixbus from Zagreb to Pula: 21€

-Pula is also small and you can walk. To get to the beach is around an hour walk from the old town, bikes can be rented for around 13€ a day. A local bus in the region costs around 2€.

-Flixbus from Pula to Rovinj: 4.5€

-Again walking around Rovinj is the way to go.

-Flixbus from Rovinj to Venice: 23€

Food & Drink:

11 days = 260€ / 23.6 day

Breakfast: 15kn (2€) for a cappuccino and large savory pastry at a local bakery

Lunch: 10Kn (1.3€) for a huge salad roll

Ice cream: 8kn (1€)

Dinner: 130Kn (18€) for whole grilled fish with vegetables, glass of white wine, amazing tiramisu and espresso at a restaurant near the Forum.

Aperitif: 10kn (1.3€) for the local Istra Bitters at the outdoor bar overlooking the Amphitheater



7€ (50kn) entrance to the amphitheater

4€ ticket to the local cinema


Total spent:

497.5€ / 11 nights = 43.5€ per day



Travel Budgeting: Vienna

As I was expecting, Vienna turned out to be an expensive city to visit. Nonetheless it is incredibly beautiful and definitely worth a (short) stay.



City: Vienna

Travel Style: Budget

Currency: Euro

Daily Spend: 70€



Cost Breakdown

Accommodation: 3 nights = 65€

  • 15€ per night for a 10 bed dorm room at Best Location Hostel and 35€ for one night in a 6 bed dorm at Wombats City Hostel
    • Vienna is expensive when it comes to accommodation, and there are very few hostels. This was especially the case when I visited at Easter. If you are only staying one or two night and are on a tight budget I’d recommend Best Location but if you want something with atmosphere then go for Wombats

    Transport: 3 days = 17€ 

    • Flexibus from Budapest to the main bus station in Vienna: 15€
    • Metro to the centre: 2€
    • Walking around the city
    • Scooters are very popular in Vienna and Lime provides rentals of electronic scooters throughout the city which you can find and book through their app. You’ll see scooters sitting on the pavement all over the place ready to be hired!
    • Bus from Vienna to Bratislava: 1€ special introductory offer with Slovak Lines when you use their app- normally 5.5€ one way


    Food & Drink: 3 days = 120€ : 40€ / day

    • Breakfast: 10€ at Epos for a cappuccino and delicious scrambled eggs with feta, avo and cherry tomatoes
    • Lunch: 10€ at Max & Benito for a delicious and filling burrito and homemade ice tea
    • Dinner: 20€ for a lavender spritz, grilled chicken with veg and rice and delicious slice of chocolate cake at the NightMarket


    Activities:  8€

    • 8€ to go inside the National Library


    Total spent: 210€ / 3 nights = 70€ per day



    Travel Budgeting: Budapest

    Budapest has became a crazily popular tourist destination in recent years due to the beauty, culture, nightlife and affordability for western tourists. Below is a breakdown of what I spent during 6 days in Hungary’s capital.



    City: Budapest

    Travel Style: Budget

    Currency: Hungarian Forint (HUF): 1€ = 300 HUF

    Daily Spend: 40€



    Cost Breakdown

    Accommodation: 6 nights = 70€

    • Around 12€ per night for a 6 bed dorm room at Flow Hostel (10€ weeknights, 15€ weekends)


    Transport: 6 days = 4€ 

    • Bus + metro from the airport: theoretically 2€ each direction, I got fined 25€ for having the wrong ticket. The best way to get from the Airport to the center is on bus 100E, this is slightly more expensive than other buses but worth it- still less than 2€ and it’s direct to the city. Locals have told me the transport system can be a bit of a tourist trap, so make sure you have the right tickets.
    • I walked around the city. Otherwise a 24hr transport ticket is around 5€


    Food: 6 days = 102€  / 17€  per day

    • Breakfast: 5€ coffee and quiche or eggs at a local cafe like Fekete
    • Lunch: 5€ for a filling lunch at a local eatery
    • Dinner: 5-10€. A huge meat dish at The Central Market Hall or one of the nearby outdoor markets will set you back around 10€, while a range of dishes at Street Food Karavan Budapest is closer to 5€


    Drink: 6 days = 42€  / 7€ per day

    • At local places beer is as cheap as 2€ a pint and cocktails can also be the same price
    • At more touristy places a pint is 3-4€ and cocktails are 5-6€


    Activities:  22€

    • 3€ to go up to the 4th floor of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library
    • 3€ to go up St. Stephen’s Basilica
    • 16€ to spend the day at Rudas Baths during the week- traditional Turkish baths, Sauna World, Swimming Pool, Rooftop Jacuzzi- so worth it!


    Total spent: 240€ / 6 nights = 40€ per day



    Travel Budget: Lithuania

    For each country I visit over the next few months I’ll be writing a budget post detailing where I spent my money and how much my daily spend was. I hope these posts will give an indication on how much to save and budget for travel to these countries.


    City: Vilnius

    Travel Style: Budget

    Currency: Euro

    Daily Spend: 40€



    Cost Breakdown

    Accommodation: 4 nights = 40€

    • 10€ per night for a 6 bed dorm room at Downtown Forest Hostel

    Transport: 4 days = 16€ 

    • Uber to and from the airport: 7€ + 5€
    • Walking around the city
    • Bus to and from Trakai: 4€

    Food: 4 days = 80€

    • Breakfast: hearty slice of quiche for as little as 2€
    • Lunch: 5-10€ for a filling lunch at a local eatery
    • Dinner: 10-15€ for 2 courses at a touristy place
    • Snacks: 1-2€

    Drink: 4 days = 15€

    • Coffee- free at hostel. 2-3€ elsewhere for proper barista coffee. Not much extra for Irish coffee!
    • Wine around 4€ a glass
    • Spirits- around 4€
    • Cocktails- 5€ at the hostel, 8-10€ at the fanciest hotel
    • Water- 2€

    Activities:  6€

    • 2€ to go inside the University library
    • 4€ to go up the Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower


    Total spent: 157€ / 4 nights = 40€ per day