6 of my favourite Tassie Beaches: why I’m homesick for the ocean

While I’m in quite love with ‘the nature’ of my new home of Finland (who wouldn’t be in summer? as Joel Willans explains), I miss my native Australia immensely. Aside from friends and family, the thing I miss most is the abundance of pristine beaches. There are so many absolutely breathtaking coastal regions in Tasmania that are unlike anything you will find elsewhere in the world- trust me, I’ve tried!

Recently David Attenborough’s Tasmania was aired around the globe, showcasing the beautiful wilderness and fauna, that in his opinion make my island home like no other place on earth;  “It’s a world of ancient forests, of pristine rivers, and a coastline that’s both wild and beautiful. Its animal inhabitants are as extraordinary as they are bizarre… This is Tasmania: the weird and wonderful isle at the bottom of the world.”

So in the interest of reminiscing about my homeland and to visually explain to Finns what I mean when I say the Baltic Sea is not quite what I call the Ocean, here are 6 of my favourite beaches from my island home.


1. Wineglass Bay

This stunning stretch of pristine sand is not only my favourite beach in the world, but possibly my favourite place hands down. The water is crystal clear, the brilliant white sand is so fine that it squeaks and most importantly, the bay can only be reached by walking over the Hazards Mountains or by sea. The view from Mt. Amos above the bay is also spectacular and involves a fun scramble over boulders to reach the lookout.

View of Wineglass Bay from Mt. Amos

me jump mt amos.png




Nearby Honeymoon Bay is also a great spot for lunch and a swim.





2. Binalong Bay

Another famous Tassie beach, 2 hours north of Wineglass Bay, Binalong is famed for it’s turquoise water, white sand and large orange lichen covered boulders. The popular beach is part of the Bay of Fires Conservation Area- one of the best places to camp on Tassie’s East Coast.

Image from http://think-tasmania.com/binalong-bay/
ange and i.png
There’s no better feeling than diving through crystal clear, salty waves!


3. Adventure Bay

Located on the beautiful foodie heaven that is Bruny Island, Adventure Bay holds a special place in my heart. I spent countless childhood summers swimming and exploring the shores and many rock-pools with my brother, and love going back whenever I can. Again, expect white, white sand and clear turquoise water.





4. Baronia Beach

This lesser known beach is a perfect hidden gem just out of Hobart. Reached only by sea or walking track, again a big appeal for me is the slightly hidden and less accessible nature of the beach. There’s a patch of sand as well as rocky areas- perfect for snorkeling or jumping into the clear green water. The easiest way to reach the beach is by following the path that starts just above the sailing club at Kingston Beach.





5. Hinsby Beach

Another conveniently located beach, even closer to the city center than Baronia Beach, Hinsby is the perfect escape for a post-work swim or lunchtime walk. Just along from Taroona Beach, Hinsby is a smaller, more picturesque spot, complete with traditional beach huts and a shower to wash off the ocean post-swim. The Picnic Basket cafe, on the main road above the beach is the perfect spot for pre-swim coffee or post-swim lunch. There’s also a great running track that winds from Hinsby along the coast towards Sandy Bay.


6. Marion Bay

For me, this wild ocean beach is now synonymous with New Years Eve. For the past 15 years, The Falls Festival has been held at this stunning location, and in my opinion, there’s no better way to bring in the new year than by listening to excellent music in such a pristine place. And on New Years Day a quick dip in the surf of Marion Bay is one of the best ways to cure a hangover!




The Falls Festival with Marion Bay in the background


I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos of home as much as I’ve loved reminiscing… I hope they also inspire you to make the trip to Tassie 🙂