Hi I’m Emma- an Aussie with a love of travel, exploring and everything outdoors.

My blog aims to inspire you on how and where to travel solo, on a budget and with an eco-friendly mindset.


I love that travel allows you to ‘get lost’ in the foreignness of a different culture and I believe there’s nothing better than wandering around a new place and stumbling onto a killer view, tucked away cafe or quirky opp-shop in a back-lane.

As such, most of my posts are intended to provide snippets of ideas and images to inspire your own adventures. You’ll also find travel tips for making your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible and key insights to destinations- things you wish you’d known before jumping off the plane!

If you want to know what drives me, take a look at my philosophies for 2019 or my thoughts on Zero Waste.

Enjoy exploring!