Welcome to my blog!

I’m Emma- an Aussie girl who has been living in Finland since April 2017, when I moved from my home state of Tasmania for a research position at the University of Helsinki.



I’ve always been passionate about travel and I hope that through my blog I can provide you with some inspiration to discover places in the world that you might not have thought about exploring before. I’m especially passionate about solo, budget-friendly and eco-friendly travel and this is what I focus on in my blog. You’ll also see many posts about Finland, as I explore my new home.

The biggest ways I save money for travel are through a minimalist approach to clothing and ‘stuff’, buying second hand and upcylcing old items. So I’ve dedicated part of my blog to these ideas. In these posts you’ll find tips on how to make a vertical garden from an old pallet, how to make eco-friendly beauty products and what to look for when buying second-hand clothes. I also save a heap of money by making most of my meals at home instead of eating out, you can find my favourite recipes under the food section.

I hope my blog gives you some ideas on new places to adventure to and inspiration on how to save money to get there!