viātrīx f : (latin, noun) female traveller, wayfarer

Welcome to my blog! I’m Emma- an Aussie with a love of travel, exploring and everything outdoors.

After University, my passion for travel led to a 4 year stint as a travel agent where I created dream adventures for others… and myself. Following this, I returned to University and completed my PhD in Molecular Biology in 2016.

What is Molecular Biology? I wrote a brief post explaining my favourite area of science here.

A few months after submitting my thesis, the lure of exploring new countries prompted me to move to Finland, where I took up a research position at the University of Helsinki. I’ve been exploring Europe at every opportunity since.


My blog aims to inspire you on how and where to travel solo, on a budget and with an eco-friendly mindset.

While I believe it’s important to do some research before you arrive in a destination- to be aware of any key sites you’d like to visit and ensure you plan your itinerary in a logical manner, I also think one of the best parts of travel is to discover on the ground, in the moment.

To wander around a new town and stumble onto a killer view, tucked away cafe or quirky gallery in a back-lane. To be swept up in the culture and foreignness of a new land. For me, this is what travel is all about. So most of my posts are intended to provide snippets of ideas and images to inspire your own adventures.

I also provide general travel tips- things like how I’m able to afford to travel so often, habits I consistently follow to make my travel as smooth as possible (like packing light), tips on how to save money on activities whilst traveling and key insights about destinations- things you wish you’d known before jumping off the plane.

Enjoy exploring!