Welcome to my blog!

I’m Emma- an Aussie who has been living in Helsinki since April 2017. I’m crazy passionate about travel and I hope that my blog gives you ideas on new places to adventure to and inspiration on how to make these ideas reality!

Baalbek, Lebanon

While I believe it’s important to do some research before you arrive in a destination- to be aware of any key sites you’d like to visit and ensure you plan your itinerary in a logical manner, I also think one of the best parts of travel is to discover on the ground, in the moment.

To wander around a new town and stumble onto an amazing view or tucked away cafe or quirky gallery in a quiet back-lane. To be swept up in the culture and foreignness of a new land. To relax in wild nature and be excited by bustling cities. To me this is what travel is all about.

So most of my posts are intended to provide snippets of ideas and images to inspire your own adventures.

I also provide general travel tips like how I’m able to afford to travel so often, habits I consistently follow to make my travel as smooth as possible (like packing light), key insights about destinations- things you wish you’d known before arriving in a new place and tips on how to save money on activities whilst traveling.

Enjoy exploring!


me mt amos
My favourite beach in the world- Wineglass Bay, Tasmania