Zero Waste Travel Toiletries

When traveling, I try to pack a lightly as possible, not only to minimize my carbon footprint and make my carry-on-only luggage easy to lug around, but also to make moving from place to place as simple and easy as possible. I don’t need to pack up a huge bag of things when I change AirBnBs and getting ready in the morning is pretty damn quick.

I also like my toiletries to be as eco-friendly as possible. Whether that’s using a wooden hair brush, solid shampoo, making my own products or buying things in glass or metal over plastic, I try to make the most eco-friendly choices where possible. Not everything I use is zero waste, as I’ve found compromising on a few things really helps me to maintain other switches and reduce my waste in the long term.

Here are the toiletries that I use everyday and the subset that I find really easy to travel with.


Body products


  1. Pumice stone for all the soccer calluses!
  2. Metal safety razor, solid shaving soap and brush. So much more eco-friendly than disposable plastic razors and in the long run so much cheaper 🙂
  3. Zero waste cream deodorant in a small glass jar.
  4. Moon cup- this is the single most life-changing, eco-friendly toiletry that I just love. It definitely took a month or so to get used to but now I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  5. Olive oil flower perfume (smells amazing) from Italy in glass and metal bottle and solid vanilla perfume in a small metal tin also from Italy. Lush sells many different scents of solid perfumes that I’ve also tried and loved.
  6. Almond body oil in a glass and metal bottle from mum- it feels and smells amazing!
  7. Small nail kit that I’ve had for maybe 10 years and it still works perfectly.
  8. I don’t have a picture here as I haven’t needed any in Finland for months but sunscreen is another essential that I take to any warmer places


  1. Wooden hairbrush- I’m trying to wash my hair a lot less, so a great hairbrush is key for me
  2. Solid shampoo, body soap and French clay facial scrub/mask in a metal tin.
  3. ACV hair rinse with added lavendar and cedar essential oil in an upcycled white bottle.
  4. Miracle hair oil from my hair dresser in glass pump bottle which I also decant into a tiny glass bottle for travel

The smaller items I take traveling all fit in this bright pretty bag a friend gave me.


Face Products

  1. Cleanser from Italy in an upcycled small bottle
  2. Face moisturizer and eye cream- not zero waste and packaged in plastic but locally produced in Finland. This is possibly the cheapest face cream I’ve ever used at around 5€ and it’s great for my skin.
  3. Mascara and brown eyeliner. I’ve currently stopped making my own as I needed to buy more ingredients to try and make it long lasting.
  4. Metal tweezers I’ve had for years.
  5. Brow kit, concealer and red lip tint. The lip tint is raw and vegan and I’ve used it before in Australia and love how moisturizing it is.
  6. Hand held mirror a friend gave me.
  7. Bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste- when I have time I make my own. I’ve recently found some great shops in Helsinki selling eco-friendly toothpaste that I’m keen to try when this runs out. I use this plastic toothbrush cap I’ve had for years and when it wears out I’ll buy a bamboo one.
  8. Pawpaw ointment from Australia that I buy in large tubs that last forever and I portion out into smaller upcycled lip balm containers.

It all fits nicely in this pretty canvas bag my mum gave me.

Travel Products

Everything except my hairbrush fits nicely in these two bags. I take all the face products I mentioned above and then the below subset of the body products, which is pretty much everything minus the larger perfume, body and hair oil and nail kit.



I hope this post gives you some ideas about some eco-friendly switches you can make to your toiletries and how you may be able to cut down on what you take when traveling. I’d love to hear your thoughts and any questions about traveling with less and making eco-friendly switches.

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