A swift 30min train ride south of Amsterdam will take you to my favourite part of the Netherlands- the city of Utrecht. The city was once the capital of the country and has remained a religious center, evident by the regal feel of the pretty streets and grand architecture. The streets of the old town are far less crowded than the capital and often car free, providing a welcome escape from the hectic, touristy centre of Amsterdam.



Arriving at the central train station I wandered straight into the attached shopping centre- Hoog Catharijne, which then took me close to 15 minutes to find my way out of. But once out, the heart of the medieval old town is only a few minutes walk away, centered around one main curving canal, Oudegracht- old canal.

utrecht above 2.png


The many cafes and shops that line Oudegracht not only reside on ground level but also below street level, beside the canal itself. These can be reached by stairs down the brick canal walls or under the road through shops that begin at street level and continue under ground to emerge in al fresco dining alongside the canal.




Aside from wondering the picturesque streets and exploring the intriguing little shops, one of the unmissable things to do is climb dom tower, Domtoren in Dutch. The 14th century bell tower is the tallest church in the Netherlands at 112.5 m and stands where the city was founded nearly 2,000 years ago. The view from above is spectacular and on a clear day you can see Amsterdam.


The bell tower also provides unique concerts of pop culture classics played through the bell system. While we were there the city was mesmerised as Radiohead’s songs chimed through the streets.


Finally, there’s no shortage of hidden little garden nooks and quite courtyards, for a picnic lunch or quiet place to read.


And of course, no shortage of perfectly quintessential Dutch streets to wander through.

netherlands bike.png


Oh and there’s also a castle a short bus/bike ride away- look out for my upcoming post on our visit to the neo-gothic De Haar Castle!




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